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Flow Cytometry at the McGowan Institute
University of Pittsburgh

Flow Cytometry is a valuable technology that enables the researcher to investigate and/or characterize cells based on surface or intracellular expression of antigens, proteins, DNA, or enzyme function. Using fluorescent dyes and antibodies conjugated to fluorescent stains, the technology is able to rapidly interrogate and analyze thousands of cells per second and provide comprehensive data for each individual cell. In this manner, it is possible to track sample response to various culture conditions or BRMP’s, identify novel cellular subsets in primary tissues, and/or purify various subpopulations of cells, as well as many other uses.

Our aim is to make state-of-the-art Flow Cytometry available to all researchers across the University of Pittsburgh campus. We provide instrumentation and experienced staff to assist users in the understanding, development and usage of multi-parameter Flow Cytometry in order to further their research.